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How about cleaning your bathroom efficiently?

Cleaning the bathroom can seem like a disgusting task, but if done often enough, the hygiene of the environment will be maintained.

Care for this part of the house should be the same regardless of the number of residents.

checklist for cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is definitely an environment that your visitors will use. At dinner, a meeting between friends or even delivering or picking up an order, the questions are right: “Where is the bathroom?” or “Can I use your bathroom real quick?”

To avoid embarrassment, nothing like keeping the place clean and fragrant. A tidy bathroom is also a reflection of the hygiene of the homeowners. As it is one of the hotbeds of dirt and bacteria, the ideal is to keep the place in order daily, as well as the kitchen.

Basic care includes throwing out the garbage, wiping the floor after showering, and, of course, always flushing the toilet after use.

Preparing the bathroom battlefield

What should be used to clean the bathroom? For starters, the place needs to be empty. Objects such as toothbrushes, towels, toilet paper, and soap dishes must be removed. The bathroom should have the minimum of things for cleaning to be efficient.

Before starting it's necessary to wear a pair of gloves. They are important to protect your hands throughout the cleaning of the environment.

removing limescale from tap
removing limescale from taps

Why cleaning with Bicarb is a miracle worker

The number one enemy in the bathroom is limescale and it often builds up shower screens. Keeping your shower clean is an ongoing task, and an important one — after all, it's the place where you clean yourself!

Bicarbonate of soda is a natural abrasive, so get a damp cloth, and rub a small amount of powder onto the screen. Then wipe it off with a damp cloth and buff it up with a dry one. The easiest way to get your shower screen sparkling again.

Distilled white vinegar is brilliant for putting the sparkle back, but make sure you use white vinegar – the brown malt stuff you stick on your chips can do the job, but unfortunately, it will make your bathroom smell like a chip shop.

You can either buy a pre-made vinegar solution or just as easily make your own. Get an old spray bottle and mix up a solution with half water, and half vinegar and spray on onto your shower screen.

Depending on how bad the problem is, you may need to use the rougher side of a non-scratch scouring pad with a dollop of elbow grease before wiping it off and buffing it up with a dry cloth.

Box, drain, sink and mirror

The box gathers mould. There are specific products on the market to remove mould. Together with the disinfectant, they help with hygiene. Drying the box after bathing prevents it from moulding.

The drain also needs cleaning. It is necessary to remove the hairs that accumulate so that there is no clogging and, consequently, future problems. Using the gloves, just open them, remove and throw them in the trash.

Less than the box, the sink drain also accumulates hair. It's worth doing hygiene too. As for the sink, a sponge with soapy water will remove the dirt. Sodium bicarbonate helps with the heaviest dirt, those that don't come out at all.

Cleaning should also be done on the faucet. Cleaning the counter will depend on the material it is made of. Formica ones are cleaned with soap and wax. As for marble, alcohol is an option in addition to soap. Then you need to rinse it.

Above the sink and counter is usually the bathroom mirror. Sometimes it may have small stains, derived from toothpaste or other products, such as hair creams. To remove dirt, the ideal is to take care of the mirror at least one day a week. For simple cleaning, a pair of clothes, wet and dry, will be enough.

The toilet

before and after cleaning toilets

Among the utensils that are usually left in the environment is the toilet brush, which is usually kept next to the toilet. Even those who have never done cleaning have any idea what this item is for.

It is used to clean the part of the bathroom that people find the most disgusting, the private part. For cleaning to be efficient, you need to use other products with the brush. Toilet hygiene is divided into two: the outside and the inside.

On the outside, detergent or alcohol must be used with a sponge, including on the seat and lid. Internally, the brush comes into action with bleach or disinfectant. You have to scrub well to actually get rid of the bacteria. After about five minutes with the product acting, you can flush the toilet and put in detergent or a sanitary block that leaves a pleasant scent.

Washing the floor

To avoid water waste, the ideal is to take care of the floor and walls without leaving the shower running. After washing the floor with a damp cloth and a dry one, passing a cloth soaked in a little bleach closes the job with a golden key.

With everything finished, just take a shower and enjoy the tidy house.

smells like clean spirit

How do you clean your bathroom? Share your cleaning routine or any questions you have about it in the comments. If you are not feeling like cleaning your bathroom right now, we can do it for you asap!

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