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How do I clean my skylights?

Springtime finds exterior home cleaning rising to the top of your home maintenance to-do list. We all know the benefits of having a skylight at home or office.

Skylights are one of the easiest ways to brighten a living space with natural light, saving energy and enhancing your space. A natural source of light can change how your home or work feels and functions.

Skylights maintain a clear view and provide abundant natural light, so they should be included in your home exterior cleaning schedule every year to remove debris and dirt. Leaves and other debris can accumulate around your skylight or roof window, affecting its ability to repel rainwater and prevent leaks.

Here are a few things you should consider to keep your skylights looking fresh and clean:

Cleaning the inside glass of a skylight

For a crystal-clear view, use soft water or a nonabrasive cleaner to clean the interior glass with a soft, lint-free cloth, chamois leather or a nonabrasive sponge, and warm water.

Cleaning cloudy or foggy skylights

Does your skylight have a cloudy or foggy appearance? Interior condensation could mean you should open your skylight more often for ventilation.

If you have a fixed skylight, consider these simple tips to regulate humidity in your home

Dry laundry outside.

Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed.

Maintain a constant room temperature of at least 68 F, if possible.

If streaks of condensation remain between the glass panes after cleaning, this could be a sign of sealant failure and indicates it may be time to replace the skylight.

To ensure skylight stays clean from the inside

Don’t use abrasive cleaning products.

Don’t use chemical products on the pane.

Don’t touch the glass with sharp or abrasive objects, including jewellery.

Do always apply water first when attempting to clean dirt or dust off the glass.

Cleaning skylights from the outside

Your skylights should be periodically cleaned on the exterior. To be cleaned professionally every two to three years will ensure they continue to function properly and emit plenty of natural light.

Palazzo Cleaning has telescoping cleaning brush poles and squeegees to safely reach them without needing to get on the roof. Just remember to include your skylights in the total window count to have a proper quote.

Still have lingering questions?

With these tips in mind, your skylight will stay clean all season long. Feel free to chat with us about any skylight or windows cleaning questions and to share this post with someone you think may like it.

Take advantage of the arrival of spring, learn about our services and make a quote with us.

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